Termini e Condizioni

  1. General Rules and Definitions

Users who use the services and products offered by turbosocial.net declare that they know and accept these general terms and conditions. Therefore this contract binds the user to the terms and conditions of use of any offer present within turbosocial.net.

Owner of the related Services, contents, products and courses:


turbosocial.net reserves the right to modify, add or eliminate parts of these conditions, bringing them to the knowledge of the interested parties through the publication of the modifications on the site or via e-mail. Each user is required to periodically check these conditions to ascertain any changes that have occurred since the last consultation of the site. In any case, the use of the site and its services implies acceptance of the changes that have occurred in the meantime.

If the changes are not accepted, the user can cancel his account at any time by writing to Turbo Social, it being understood that the continuation of the use of the services implies acceptance of the new conditions.

turbosocial.net reserves the right to modify, suspend, even partially interrupt the services, including accessibility to the database or contents. turbosocial.net may also introduce access or service restrictions, in whole or in part, without notice and without assuming responsibility for such service restriction.

For appropriate clarity of interpretation, the meanings of the main definitions used in this document are specified below:

By site or owner we mean turbosocial.net, which includes all the services and contents offered by turbosocial.net

User or Member is the visitor to the site and the user of the services provided by the site.

Services are the following services available on the site:




training courses



anything that comes with our services and products

upload multimedia content

multimedia content downloads

(individually the “service”)

Products is everything that is sold through e-commerce.

Content/contents are all software, technology, texts, audio, video, audio and video materials, information, design, links, communication, digital art, animations, illustrations, works of art art, graphic elaborations, photographs, images or any other type of original or reproduced creative material present on the site.

Content received is the Content enjoyed by the user who purchased the content.

Teacher/teachers is the creator or creators of content and training courses

Affiliate is the user who has decided to promote and advertise turbosocial.net without revealing or implementing unfair practices present in the terms and conditions.

About TurboSocial

Turbo Social is an online platform that promotes and markets marketing products and services related to the various topics that are illustrated in the dedicated menus on Turbo Social. Furthermore, Turbo Social is an e-commerce that sells digital and physical products and services.

Teachers, staff, the site, the site manager and users have no obligation to respond to any request, question or free personalized advice.

  1. Contents and services of the turbosocial.net site and use by users

The contents and services of the turbosocial.net site are intended for personal use only. All Contents published on the site (including, by way of example, ebooks, books, training courses, video courses, information articles, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and/or video recordings, hereinafter also referred to as the “contents ” and reported in point 1) are protected by copyright laws and are owned by turbosocial.net or by the person or entity that creates it. The user is required to comply with any additional indications that may be present on the site in relation to the intellectual property of the contents accessed through the site’s services.

When the Company provides you with “Content” together with the Products, including the Software and the Products, it is considered “Site Content”. The content transmitted or uploaded to the platform or through the Contents is the “Received Content”. By accepting these terms and conditions, the User guarantees that they possess all the licenses, rights, consents and permits necessary for the use and exploitation of the “Content received” uploaded to the platform. The Company exempts itself from any type of responsibility for the utilization and use of material protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

The services of the site and its contents are protected by the copyright laws in force in the United Kingdom and by international copyright laws. The reader is not authorized to modify, publish, provide false information, create or edit different engineering, transmit, share, hack, damage, interfere, transfer in use for any reason, reproduce (beyond the limits specified below), rework, distribute , perform, give access to or commercially exploit in any way the contents, products or services (including software) of this site even in part. Furthermore, he is not authorized to download even on his computer the audio, video, audio and video content uploaded within the Vimeo and Youtube platforms.

It is forbidden to access the site from another person’s account, from another person’s account, pretend to be another person or access more than one person from the same user account.

It is forbidden to create purchasing groups for a single product, content, service, in order to use them together with other people. Each product, content, service can only be used by a single person or company.

The reader, for personal use only, is authorized to view the contents only within the portal. Any other material or content may be downloaded for personal use only if expressly authorized. The reproduction and collection of any content for reasons other than personal use is expressly prohibited in the absence of prior express authorization issued in writing by the site or by the copyright holder as indicated on the site.

Any unauthorized practice that violates the clauses present in these Terms and Conditions will be prosecuted by legal means.

  1. Access and Availability of the Service. Use of links

The turbosocial.net site contains links to other resources on the Internet. The site is not responsible for the effective accessibility and availability of these external resources to its site, nor for the related contents. Therefore, the user is invited to contact the administrator or webmaster of such external sites if he encounters problems with such content.

The site assumes no responsibility for the User’s access to any such third-party pages

  1. User Warranty and Liability Statements

By accessing the site and the related services, the user undertakes to:

– not to use the site or the material inserted therein to pursue illegal purposes or as a tool to disclose or disseminate in any way material or content intended to commit an illegal activity.

– not to use the site in order to interrupt, damage or make part or all of it less efficient or in any way to damage the effectiveness or functionality of the site;

– not to use the site for the transmission or posting of viruses or any other defamatory, offensive, obscene or threatening material or which in any way could cause annoyance, disturbance or any prejudice whatsoever;

– not to use the site in a way that constitutes a violation of people or companies (including, but not limited to, copyright or confidentiality rights).

– not to use the site to transmit material for advertising and/or promotional purposes without the written permission of turbosocial.net

The user also guarantees that the contents are sent to the site through his account by adults. For minors, the materials must be examined and authorized by the parental authority.

turbosocial.net is not responsible for the material used and/or the conduct of users and teachers while browsing the site. Furthermore, it does not assume any responsibility for the transmission on the user’s computer of any viruses and in any case harmful content originating from third parties.

Consequently, the user will indemnify the site and the site manager and all subjects belonging to them, from and against any liability and prejudicial consequence, including, without exception, legal fees defined on the basis of the professional fee incurred by the site or by the manager of the site as a result of legal actions deriving from the violation by users of these obligations in relation to the abuse by themselves or third parties of their account in violation of the guarantees provided for in this article.

The user is in any case required to provide any collaboration to the site and the site manager to correctly protect their rights in relation to such legal actions. The site and the site manager reserve the right to protect themselves autonomously by defending themselves in court, at their own expense, without prejudice to the right to compensation paid by the user

The site and the site operator do not guarantee in any way the accuracy and reliability of the opinions, statements, indications or other information published, uploaded or distributed through the site services by any user, information provider, teacher or any other natural or legal person. The site does not in any way guarantee the suitability of a user for any content, product and service of the site itself. The user acknowledges that any reliance he places on the truthfulness and reliability of the opinions, statements, indications or information published on the site is done at his discretion, assuming the relative consequences. The service and all downloadable materials are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, the warranties of title, merchantability, and fitness for any particular purpose. The user therefore acknowledges that the use of such materials is carried out under his own total and exclusive responsibility.

The site is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the user’s failure to comply with these terms and conditions, except in the case in which the same were due to negligence or fault on the part of the site. Except in cases of personal injury caused by negligence, gross negligence or willful misconduct, the site will not be liable for any loss or damage deriving from, or connected in any way to the use and operation of the site, including without limitation, damages for loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of commercial information, any other type of pecuniary loss.

The user expressly acknowledges and accepts that:

the site and any ancillary services are provided “as is” and “as available”.

Any guarantee on the part of the site owner is expressly excluded. b. The site owner does not guarantee (i) that the site, any ancillary services will meet the user’s needs, (ii) that the site and the services will be provided without interruptions, punctually, securely or error-free, (iii ) the user’s expectation that the results obtained from the use of the site, the services are true and reliable (iv) that the quality of the products, services, information or other materials acquired or obtained through the site and/or the software will meet users’ needs, nor that (v) any errors in the published material will be corrected. c. Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained from or through the site obtained at the sole and exclusive discretion and at the sole risk of users who are solely and exclusively responsible for any damage to their computer or for loss of data resulting from having downloaded such content or from having used the site, and the services.

Registration and security

As part of the registration process, the user is required to choose his own username and password. Furthermore, the user is required to provide specific information that must be corrected and updated.
The user cannot choose the username of another person with the intention of using their identity. Furthermore, he cannot use another person’s username without his express authorization. It is also forbidden to use usernames that the site, at its discretion, deems injurious to the rights of third parties, or in any case offensive or scurrilous.
The password chosen by users when registering for the services and inserted in the relevant form or registration form is personal and cannot be transferred. Users are required to keep the password with the utmost diligence and to keep it confidential in order to prevent the use of the service by unauthorized third parties. They will therefore be responsible for any use, made by authorized or unauthorized third parties, of the aforementioned identifiers as well as for any damage caused to the site owner, to the site and/or to third parties, depending on the non-compliance with the above.

Failure to comply with these rules entails the violation of these general conditions of use and may result in the immediate cancellation of the account of the person who committed the violation. In the event of actual or potential unauthorized use of your account, the user is invited to report it by writing to turbosocial.net providing all detailed information regarding the violation, and notifying the loss, unauthorized theft, theft, of your password and of your personal information.

The user is aware that he must be over 18 years of age to register for the service, even if people of any age can access the same. Children under the age of 18 must be assisted and authorized by parental authority.

The user is fully responsible for any action taken through his account, both directly and through third parties authorized by him. Any abusive, fraudulent or in any case illegal use causes the immediate cancellation of the account, at the sole discretion of the site or the site manager, without prejudice to the exercise of any legal action by those entitled.

5.Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided for the use of the contents, products, services on the site will be subject to the following Privacy Policy: http://turbosocial.net/privacy-policy/

Users must read this information carefully before forwarding any type of personal information and/or filling out any electronic form on the Site.

5.1 Rights of Data Subjects

To exercise the rights of the interested parties such as:

– Right of cancellation (right to be forgotten)

– Report Data (access right)

– Cancellation of Email Marketing/BOT Messenger

– Other rights

Send an email to turbosocial.net

  1. Conduct

By accepting these terms and conditions, you undertake not to use the Contents, products and services of the site to recruit, request or contact Turbo Social staff, users or potential Customers in any way with the aim of offering them an employment contract or as independent collaborators.

Turbosocial.net users, staff and affiliates represent our brand and we want them to maintain a good image, hence the need to maintain good behavior on social networks, avoiding topics such as violence, sex, racial, cultural and/or religious, in particular and always acting in defense of the good name and reputation of the company.

The site reserves the right to terminate the service to any User whose conduct may imply a breach of the obligation contained in this clause.

  1. Service costs and payments

Some services, products and site content are free, while others are paid. The site and the site manager reserve the right to provide a fee for access to portions of the site or to specific services or contents. In any case, the site will not ask for the payment of any consideration if it has not previously obtained express acceptance of this offer. Therefore, if the site or the site manager were to ask for a fee in the future for access to portions of the site or to services, products and contents that are currently free, the user will receive a specific communication in advance with a detailed indication of these costs, giving the user the opportunity to choose whether to join the service. In case of acceptance, the user will pay this consideration in the forms he will choose at the cost that will be defined at the time of acceptance of the service.

Any use of one of our paid products, services or content implies acceptance of payment of all applicable fees and taxes. If you provide bank card information to make payment, you hereby represent and warrant that we are authorized to debit payments on a regular basis to cover any amounts owed.

In the event that the payment method fails or the account has expired, the site will be able to obtain the due fees through other forms of payment, including the legal or extralegal action of the amounts due which may include additional costs for the User. Furthermore, the site reserves the right to block the User’s access to any product on the site until any claim procedure for amounts due to the site has been resolved.

  1. Communication between the site, the site manager and the user

If the user should indicate in the online registration form that he wishes to receive information from the site, the site manager and subjects related to them, with his consent, in compliance with current legislation, the user’s contact details may be used for sending promotional material referring to these subjects.

In any case, the site and the site manager reserve the right to send the user communications via e-mail to inform him of changes or additions relating to the site and the related services.

By accepting the following terms and conditions, the user agrees to receive all site communications by e-mail.

The statistical data and those relating to the use of the portal, after being made anonymous, can be used by the site and by the site manager for research and analysis activities. For any further details, the user can read the information relating to the processing of personal data

The site and the site manager can contact the user  by e-mail to participate in surveys, requests for feedback on the website and on existing or to be created products and services. This information will not be shared with third parties, except in aggregate form, and will only be used to improve the site and services.

  1. Duration of the account and cancellation

The user can cancel his account at any time by writing to turbosocial.net. The user will receive a communication confirming receipt of the request and subsequent cancellation of the account. It is understood that the user is responsible for all activities carried out with the account up to the moment of effective deactivation. Turbo Social (i.e. the site) and the site operator may at their discretion cancel or temporarily suspend access to all or parts of the site and services for any reason, including, without limitation, any violation of the rules described in these conditions of access to the service.

  1. Coupons

The site reserves the right to offer, even free of charge, Coupons to Users on the occasion of particular promotions or in connection with the purchase of specific services.

Use of the Coupon

Unless otherwise established, the following rules apply for the use of the Coupon.

Each Coupon is valid for one User only and can be used only once according to the methods and timing established in the instructions on the website and/or accompanying the Coupon itself.

Partial use of the Coupon or use in ways that involve its complete redemption in subsequent stages is not permitted.

The Coupon must be redeemed only within the period established for the use of the offer. At the end of this period, the Coupon will automatically expire, without any possibility for the User to make any claim in this regard.

In case of use of the Coupon for services, contents and products other than those proposed in the initial offer, the User will not be entitled to any credit/refund/compensation if there is a difference between the original value of the offer and the value of how redeemed.

The reproduction, counterfeiting, commercial exchange of the Coupon purchased as well as any illegal activity related to the purchase and/or use of the same is prohibited.

In the event of any offense being committed, the site may legitimately refuse to fulfill its contractual obligations and expressly reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to safeguard its rights and interests.

  1. Content Provided by Third Parties

The site does not carry out any preventive moderation on the content or links provided by third parties displayed on Turbo Social. The site is not responsible for such contents and their accessibility.

Services provided by third parties

Users may use services or content included in Turbo Social provided by third parties, but must first read the terms and conditions of such third parties and accept them. Under no circumstances can the site be held responsible in relation to the correct functioning or availability, or both, of services provided by third parties.

  1. Registration

In order to use the contents, services, products or part of them, Users must register by truthfully and completely providing all the data requested in the relevant registration form and fully accept the privacy policy and these general conditions. The User has the responsibility to keep his access credentials.

Every single account is personal. In no case may the user transfer his account to any other person and may not use the account of another person without the permission of the owner of the User account and the written approval of turbosocial.net. In the event that he has authorized or registered any other individual, including a minor, to use his account, the User who holds the account is fully responsible for the conduct of such User, having the obligation to control access and use of the contents of the site, and assuming the consequences of any inappropriate or illegal use of the same.

Under no circumstances will the purchase and use of products, services and content shared between two or more users on a single account be permitted. This will cause immediate deletion of the accounts of all members involved.

  1. Prohibited Use

The Service shall be used in accordance with these terms.

Users cannot:

reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on TurboSocial or any portion of it;

circumvent the computer systems used by the site or its licensors to protect the content accessible through it;

copy, store, modify, change, prepare derivative works of or otherwise alter any of the content provided by Turbo Social;

use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other automated device, process or means to access, retrieve, scrape or index any portion of Turbosocial or its content;

rent, license or sublicense turbosocial.net;

defame, abuse, harass, threaten, threaten, or otherwise violate the rights (such as the right to privacy and publicity) of others;

disseminate or publish illegal, obscene, illegitimate, defamatory or inappropriate content;

use turbosocial.net in any other improper way that violates these Terms.


All trademarks of the Application, figurative or nominative, and all other signs, trade names, service marks, word marks, trade names, illustrations, images, logos that appear relating to turbosocial.net are and remain the exclusive property of the site or of its licensors and are protected by applicable trademark laws and related international treaties.

Furthermore, the Authors and site managers expressly declare that they have the ownership and/or full availability and/or that they have fulfilled all legal obligations with reference to the intellectual property rights concerning the Material and release the site from any liability in relation to the dissemination illegal content of third parties.

  1. Refunds

The art. 59, letter o, of the Consumer Code, excludes the consumer’s right of withdrawal with reference to “the supply of digital content through a non-material support if the execution began with the express agreement of the consumer and with his acceptance of the fact that in this case he would have lost the right of withdrawal”.

This hypothesis, established by art. 59, letter a, Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, provides that the user who purchases any digital content within turbosocial.net has no right to any refund or right of withdrawal.

The user who therefore purchases one of the products, services or digital content on the turbosocial.net site expressly agrees not to be able to request any refund when purchasing the product, service or digital content as the special private area within the site.

An example is when purchasing a training course, where the area of the site is automatically unlocked where the user can immediately enjoy the video courses and all the paid material.

In the case of contracts between the parties, any reimbursement for a purchased service will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the information contained in the contract.

  1. Subscriptions, Recurring Payments and Memberships

turbosocial.net also offers customized subscription services that allow our members to access services, content and products for a certain period of time.

An example are the Social Management services in which there are monthly, six-monthly and annual subscription plans with recurring payments at the end of the subscription period.


1.1. Your subscription to turbosocial.net products, contents and services will continue from month to month, semi-annually or annually until they expire. To use turbosocial.net services, products and content you must have Internet access and a turbosocial.net-enabled device and provide us with one or more payment methods. “Payment Method” means a current, valid and accepted payment method, which may be updated from time to time and which may include paying through your account with a third party. Unless you cancel your membership prior to your monthly, semi-annual or annual billing date you authorize us to charge the next or subsequent month’s membership fee to your Payment Method (see “Cancellation” below).

1.2. We may offer a number of membership plans, including special promotional plans or affiliations offered by third parties in conjunction with the provision of their products and services. Some membership plans may have different terms and limitations, which will be disclosed at the time of registration or in other communications made available. You can find specific details regarding your turbosocial.net membership by visiting our website by clicking on the “My Account” link available in the main menu on the turbosocial.net website pages and then clicking on “Your Purchases”


2.1. Your membership to turbosocial.net where provided can start with a free trial. The free trial period of your subscription can be different for each type of product, service, content and will always be specified during the subscription phase. The free trial period is intended to allow new members and some former members to try out the service, product or content

2.2. Free trial eligibility is determined by turbosocial.net in its sole discretion, and we may limit eligibility or duration to prevent abuse of the free trial. We reserve the right to revoke your free trial and place your account on hold in the event we determine that you are not eligible. Members and users with an existing or recent subscription to turbosocial.net products, services and content are not eligible. We may use information such as a device ID, username, payment method, or email address from an account used with an existing or recent turbosocial.net product, service, or content subscription to determine eligibility. For combinations with other offers, restrictions may apply.

2.3. At the end of the free trial period, we will charge your payment method for the monthly, semi-annual or annual membership fee unless you cancel your membership before the end of the free trial period. To view the monthly, semi-annual and annual membership price and the end date of the free trial period, visit our website and click on the “Billing Details” link on the “Account” page.


3.1. Billing cycle . Membership fees for turbosocial.net services, content, and products, and any other expenses you may incur in connection with your use of the service, such as taxes and any transaction fees, will be billed on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis to your Payment method on the calendar day corresponding to the beginning of the paying portion of your membership. In some cases the payment date may change, for example if your payment method was not paid correctly or if the paid membership started on a day not contained in a particular month. Visit our website and click on the “Your Purchases” link on the “My Account” page to see your next payment date.

3.2. Terms of payment. To use the services, contents and products of turbosocial.net you must provide one or more payment methods. You can update your payment methods by going to the “Personal Account” page. We may also update your payment methods using information provided by payment service providers. After any update, you authorize us to continue charging applicable payment methods. You authorize us to charge any payment method associated with your account in the event that your primary payment method is declined or is no longer available to pay your membership fee. You remain responsible for any unclaimed amounts. If a payment is unsuccessful, whether due to expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, and you do not cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the Service until we have charged a valid payment method. For some payment methods, the issuer may charge certain fees, such as foreign transaction fees or other fees related to the processing of your Payment Method. Local taxes may vary depending on the payment method used. Contact your Payment Method service provider for details.

3.3. Cancellation. You may cancel your turbosocial.net membership at any time, and you will continue to access turbosocial.net services, products, and content until the end of your monthly, semi-annual, or annual billing period. To the extent permitted by applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for partial month subscription periods or for unbooked turbosocial.net content, services and products. To cancel, send an email to turbosocial.net specifying your subscription details. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period. To see when your account will be closed, click on “Your Purchases” on the “My Account” page. If you registered with turbosocial.net using your account with a third party as a payment method and wish to cancel your membership with turbosocial.net, you may need to do so through those third parties, for example, by visiting your account with the third party applicable part and turning off automatic renewal or unsubscribing from turbosocial.net services, content and products through such third party. You can also find billing information about your turbosocial.net subscription by visiting your account with the applicable third party.

3.4. Changes to prices and subscription plans . We may change our subscription plans and the price of turbosocial.net services, products and content from time to time; however, any price changes or modifications to our subscription plans will apply to you no sooner than 30 days after we notify you.

  1. Right to consent in matters of minors

By reading the following points, you also declare that you have completed eighteen years of age in order to use the online services for which you have given your free consent.

  1. Third-party portals, applications and social networks

turbosocial.net is not responsible for any action taken by any portal, service, application, third-party social network in case of violation of the terms of service by the customer who purchased the product.

The customer is aware that he is solely responsible for his accounts and for any service/tools/system used in his accounts/services/portals.

  1. Jurisdiction

For any dispute, the Court of the United Kingdom will be competent.


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